• 01. YES or YES
    03. LALALA
    04. YOUNG & WILD
    05. SUNSET
    06. AFTER MOON
    07. BDZ (Korean Ver.)



TWICE Announces the Comeback with The 6th Mini Album and Its Title Song ‘YES or YES’ on 5th, November!
- Charming TWICE, Releases New Album ‘YES or YES’ to Continue 10th Consecutive Hit March! K-POP World Pays Special Attention~
- Confession of 9 ‘Lovely Girls Waiting for an Obvious Answer’! Our Answer? “YES~”
- Containing 7 Tracks with ‘LALALA’, ‘YOUNG & WILD’, ‘SUNSET’, Directly written by TWICE & The 1st J-Pop Album Title Song ‘BDZ (Korean Ver.)’!

TWICE comes back with the 6th Mini Album ‘YES or YES’.

From the debut title song ‘Like OOH-AHH’ to ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, 'KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘SIGNAL’, 'LIKEY', 'Heart Shaker', ‘What is Love?’, and ‘Dance The Night Away’, TWICE has put all of the actively played songs on the hit list and is building its position as the TOP girl group. Now, TWICE completed its preparation to confess the love to fans with the new song ‘YES or YES.’

The new album, ‘YES or YES’ is contains a total of 7 tracks. It includes the title song ‘YES or YES’, ‘SAY YOU LOVE ME’, ‘LALALA’, ‘YOUNG & WILD’, ‘SUNSET’, ‘AFTER MOON’, and The 1st J-Pop Album’s title song ‘BDZ’s Korean Ver., which the leader of JYP Entertainment, J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul” wrote and composed.

Track 1, the title song ‘YES or YES’ contains the message that there is only one answer ‘YES’ for the confession of TWICE and shows cute choreography of the members along with the exciting rhythm. 9 members, NAYEON, JEONGYEON, MOMO, SANA, JIHYO, MINA, DAHYUN, CHAEYOUNG, and TZUYU, show their individual characteristic, and express strong charm to request ‘YES’ for the choices they offer.

For ‘YES or YES’, Sim Eun Jee, the writer of The 1st Special Album ‘TWICEcoaster : LANE 2’ title song ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, wrote the song. David Amber and Andy Love, the composer of the Repackage Album ‘Merry & Happy’ title song ‘Heart Shaker’, composed the track. Such collaboration raised the title song’s completion.

TWICE constantly showed its capability for songwriting from the previous albums. In this album, JEONGYEON wrote Track 3 ‘LALALA’, CHAEYOUNG wrote Track 4 ‘YOUNG & WILD’, and JIHYO wrote Track 5 ‘SUNSET’, thereby showing their growing musical talent. This stimulates the curiosity about what kind of musical sensibility members will show as they continued music work from the debut.

Moreover, the new album contains Korean version of The 1st J-Pop Album title song ‘BDZ’. Along with the ‘SIGNAL’ from last year May and this April’s ‘What is Love?’, the leader of JYP Entertainment J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul” wrote and composed ‘BDZ’. When the it was released in Japan, the song ranked TOP 1 on Japan LINE Music Weekly Chart and became very popular.

Ever since the debut, TWICE has hit the 9th consecutive popular hits. Returned with the new song ‘YES or YES’, TWICE transforms into the ‘Lovely girls waiting for an obvious answer’, and is now finished with the preparation to give another excitement to the everlasting fans.

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