• 1. Cheer Up
    2. Precious Love
    3. Touchdown
    4. Tuk Tok
    5. Woohoo
    6. My Headphones on
    7. I’m gonna be a star (CD Only)



Finally Returns, TWICE’s 2nd Story Starts with the 2nd Mini Album [PAGE TWO] Release on April 25th.
‘A Revolving Door with No Exit’ with Upgraded TWICE’s Unique Healthy and Lively Charm: The Girl Group’s Strong Step Forward.

The digital song ranks on the reverse lane and continues to rank higher. Wins the Rookie of the Year Award. Sells about 70,000 physical albums. Records the highest YouTube views with the debut song throughout the history of the girl group. TWICE, a group that heated up the second half of the last year finally releases its 2nd mini album [PAGE TWO] on April 25th and starts the 2nd story. Producing unprecedented results as a rookie, the group has put its greatest effort to make the best album despite the busy schedule in order to fulfill the fans’ expectations of this 2nd mini album.

The 2nd album [PAGE TWO] not only reinforces TWICE’s unique charm, but also tries to show more colors in it. Based on TWICE’s unique style of ‘Color Pop’ from the previous title “Like OOH-AHH”, the new title song “CHEER UP” contains even more refined composition and diverse sound. Starting with “CHEER UP”, the album contains “Precious Love”, a remake song in 18 years with a member CHAEYOUNG’s rap making, “Touchdown”, a song with dynamic sound that resembles TWICE’s energetic individuality, “Tuk Tok”, a song that both contains refreshment and softness, “Woohoo”, a hip-hop, funky, groove song with lyrics full of confidence, and “My Headphones on”, a song that expresses the sorrow of parting in TWICE’s distinctive emotion. Created by top composers/writers and engineers around the world, this 2nd mini album [PAGE TWO] presents a very attractive music spectrum. TWICE will impress the fans ‘once via the eyes, twice via the ears.’ Furthermore, the album amplifies the fans’ expectations by releasing the full version of the hit song from <SIXTEEN> called “I’m gonna be a star” in CD only format.

Although TWICE’s visual is highly attractive as the group is often called “a pretty girl next to a pretty girl next to a pretty girl”, the members endlessly puts an effort to show the fans the development as the ‘Group TWICE’ as well as the musicians. In many ways, the new album is good enough to appeal the grown-up TWICE’s endless charms. Making the listeners to wonder about the 3rd and 4th stories to unfold, the album is full of signification and pleasure of the new starting point. TWICE reveals its pure yet strong ambitions to be one step closer to its fans with this album. Supporting and cheering the growth of the dignified 9 members, despite the group’s average age being 18, is not so much different from each of us achieving own dream. Isn’t that why it is so hard to hide the fluttering heart when facing TWICE? Now the heart fluttering, pleasant, amusement-park-like, magical second story begins to unfold. Once via our eyes, and twice via our ears.

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