• 1. TT
    2. TO 10
    5. PIT-A-PAT
    6. NEXT PAGE

TWICEcoaster : LANE 1


A Girl Group That Can Only Be Loved, TWICE Returns!
Just Like Riding a Roller Coaster, More Exciting and Thrilling, a Pit-a-Pat Ticket [TWICEcoaster : LANE 1] !
The Title ‘TT’ Describes a Girl’s Cute Pounding Heart as She Falls in Love for the First Time.
Predicts the 3rd Consecutive Mega-Hit Followed by ‘Like OOH-AHH’-‘CHEER UP’!

Growing up as one of the most loved girl group after ‘Like OOH-AHH’ in 2015 and ‘CHEER UP’ in 2016, TWICE and its fans take the 3rd step with the 3rd mini album [TWICEcoaster : LANE 1]. 100 million streaming, 100 million music video views, over 160 thousand physical album sales, and countless record breaking. Despite such a busy time, the great strength and the main reason that TWICE put its best effort preparing for the new album is to stand in front the fans with the beautiful looks and to spend a great time together. Therefore, the 3rd mini album retains TWICE’s distinct style while adding more various colors.

Describing a girl’s pounding heart as she falls in love for the first time in a polished pop sound and an emotional, catchy melody, the title song ‘TT’ is composed by Black Eyed Pilseung who has been making perfect harmony with TWICE. Followed by Black Eyed Pilseung’s unique colorful sound and ‘shy shy shy’, another syndrome is predicted with the members’ impressive parts in the new song. It is expected that the new song will be the 3rd consecutive mega-hit followed by ‘Like OOH-AHH’-‘CHEER UP’. The styling, which maximizes spontaneity to express the fresh charm, and the choreography that directly visualizes TT, are the necessary elements to enjoy the song. ‘1 TO 10’, a song that pleasantly mixes the 90’s R&B drum, bass, acoustic guitar, and synth sound with TWICE’s cheerful color. ‘PONYTAIL’, an A+ cheerful Rock song that inspires courage to the tired mind with an extremely bright energy. ‘JELLY JELLY’, a song that skillfully expresses the lovely charm with TWICE’s unique Up-Tempo rhythm and beats. Along with the songs like ‘‘PIT-A-PAT’ and ‘NEXT PAGE’, the album is simply full of ‘TWICE’-like charming tracks that makes the listeners to think of TWICE and smile even with the listeners eyes closed. The last but not the least song, ‘ONE IN A MILLION’ is inspired by TWICE’s greeting ‘ONE IN A MILLION. Hello, we are TWICE!’. As the members say, the lyrics well describes TWICE’s love towards the fans. The message of the song leaves the deep aftertaste: “The one who sings the song, and the one who listens to the song. Each and every one of them is very special.”

TWICE has always wanted to talk more and spend even more time with the fans. As the members have gained strength and maintained dream because of someone, they now carefully desire and hope that they themselves could be the strength and dream to someone. Therefore, TWICE always do its best to face the fans with the everlasting and original intentions. Just like every one of us has someone ‘who gives strength when together, who is so comfortable an

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