• 01. LIKEY
    02. TURTLE
    03. MISSING U
    04. WOW
    05. FFW
    06. DING DONG
    07. 24/7
    08. LOOK AT ME
    09. ROLLIN'
    10. LOVE LINE
    11. DON'T GIVE UP



At This Very Moment, Our 'TWICE' Announces The 1st Album 'twicetagram' on the 30th!
‘LIKEY’, the ‘Future Electro Pop’ Title Track Collaborated with Black Eyed Pilseung X Jeon Goon

- Customized for TWICE, 'LIKEY,' a future electro pop genre song collaborated with Black Eyed Pilseung X Jeon Goon
- The eagerly-anticipated 1st Album 'twicetagram,' includes a total of 13 tracks including the songs written by the members
- The third comeback in 2017 with The 1st Album combined with 'TWICE-like' and trendiness!
The 6 consecutive successful marches towards the No.1 girl group in Asia!

TWICE presents The 1st Album ‘twicetagram’ on the 30th and releases the title song ‘LIKEY’, taking another step towards the No.1 girl group in Asia.

Debuted in October 2015 through the doors of a survival audition ‘SIXTEEN’, the girl group TWICE has captivated the hearts of the listeners with all the released songs: ‘Like OOH-AHH’, ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, and ‘SIGNAL.’ The 9 members – NAYEON, JEONGYEON, MOMO, SANA, JIHYO, MINA, DAHYUN, CHAEYOUNG and TZUYU – have become ‘TWICE’ together and illustrated all of their songs with great, bright energy representing the group’s spirit. The group has won the hearts of many audiences on the stage and wherever they went.

Not only did TWICE start off with placing “Like OOH-AHH” on the 1st place by climbing, but they also raised all other songs to the pinnacle on the music charts and won many 1st place trophies at the broadcasting music programs and grand awards at the year-end ceremonies. The group went on to greater accomplishments with a record for all time. The 4 released mini albums have exceeded 1.3 million copies in sales, achieving the unimaginable records for a girl group, and proved the group’s status as the No.1 girl group with both the popularity and the fandom in balance.

Constantly leading the trend and growing up as the most representative girl group in Asia as well as the current music world, TWICE now announces The 1st Album ‘twicetagram’ for the first time after the debut.

The 1st Album 'twicetagram' thoroughly illustrates the twinkling and glittering ‘Today’s TWICE’ just like the SNS that illustrates diverse aspects of daily life to remember. Along with the songs written by NAYEON, JEONGYEON, JIHYO, DAHYUN, and CHAEYOUNG, the album contains a total of 13 colorful, charming songs.

The title track 'LIKEY' is a collaborative work of Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon. Produced by the composer team Black Eyed Pilseung, who has been with TWICE since the beginning, it is a track specially kept exclusively for TWICE. TWICE has been much loved with a new music genre called ‘Color Pop.’ The group now challenges another new genre called ‘Future Electro Pop’ and presents to the music fans. 'LIKEY' is a blend of the Future Electro Pop sound, with the energetic, pop elements, and the lyrics expressing the thrill and romance of the word 'LIKEY.' As a crucial element of TWICE that has been raising the album’s rank, the performance turns out even more powerful and attractive this time. The cute and dynamic performance of ‘LIKEY’ once again demonstrates the progression of ‘TWICE’s style.' Boasting hundreds of millions of views, the music video was filmed in Canada for the first time overseas, giving another fun experience to watch.

In addition, the album 'twicetagram' raises the listeners’ expectation by carrying many songs participated by the members: ‘MISSING U,’ rap making by DAHYUN and CHAEYOUNG, '24/7', lyrics by NAYEON and JIHYO, ‘LOVE LINE', lyrics by JEONGYEON, and ‘DON’T GIVE UP,' lyrics by CHAEYOUNG. Furthermore, the album also includes ‘LOOK AT ME’, a song written and composed by Hye Rim from Wonder Girls at JYP Entertainment. ‘TURTLE’ is also an essential track in this 1st Album as the mid-tempo song will entertain many fans with a new yet comforting sense of rhythm.

Spearheaded by Black Eyed Pilseung, numerous famous producers around the world have participated in The 1st Album to raise the degree of completion: Jeon Goon, e.one, earattack, Pop Time, Kiggen, Jowul, Fox Stevenson, Darren Smith, mr.cho, and so on.

Followed by ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ in February and ‘SIGNAL’ in May, TWICE now aims for the 6 consecutive popularity-home-runs with the third come back in 2017 with ‘LIKEY’ in this October. Rising as the lovely icon by presenting TWICE’s unique charm every moment, TWICE is now by our side with The 1st Album ‘twicetagram’ and the title song ‘LIKEY’ that is filled with the members’ genuine expression. It is highly looking forward to see the group’s next step.

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