• 01. Heart Shaker
    02. Merry & Happy
    03. LIKEY
    04. TURTLE
    05. MISSING U
    06. WOW
    07. FFW
    08. DING DONG
    09. 24/7
    10. LOOK AT ME
    11. ROLLIN'
    12. LOVE LINE
    13. DON'T GIVE UP

Merry & Happy


TWICE Releases the Repackage Album 'Merry & Happy' and the Title Song 'Heart Shaker' for the Christmas Season!

- The New Album 'Merry & Happy' Is Full of Loveliness, and the Title Song 'Heart Shaker' Is Much Like a Christmas Gift.
- 'The Christmas Fairies Are Coming' TWICE Energetically Marching Towards the End of 2017! 'The 7th Consecutive Popular Hit is Expected.'
- The Repackage Album and the Title Song 'Heart Shaker' + the Carol 'Merry & Happy' are Released on the 11th at 6PM.

TWICE releases the repackage album 'Merry & Happy' and the new song 'Heart Shaker', announcing the 7th consecutive hit.

In commemoration of the new album ‘Merry & Happy’, TWICE has released the new 'milestone' teasers every day to excite the fans. Starting with the group and unit teaser images carrying the members' visual concepts,' TWICE has garnered attention for releasing the diverse contents, including TEASER PARADE featuring 27 images of all the members, ‘Heart Shaker’ M/V TEASER VIDEO, M/V BEHIND, JACKET BEHIND, and even 1min Player. In particular, TWICE has attracted a lot of attention with its lovely visual that brings up the image of Christmas fairies through the concept of the new album 'Merry & Happy.' ‘Merry & Happy’, the repackage album of the TWICE The 1st Album 'twicetagram' has a total of 15 tracks including the two new songs, the title ‘Heart Shaker’ and the carol ‘Merry & Happy’, as well as the tracks from The 1st Album.

The title song "Heart Shaker" is a song that encapsulates the heart of TWICE, desiring to reach out to the one who has shaken her heart(s) with courage and initiative for love. The plucky yet cute lyrics like "My name is TZUYU." and "This is my number." are memorable.

'Merry & Happy' has gained popularity with its lyrics, which are written by J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul”, the head of JYP Entertainment. This TWICE’s style carol song conveys the winter-like sound and demonstrates the joy of Christmas during the first love in its lyrics.

TWICE has received great love as the group has been very active throughout the year: ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ in February, ‘SIGNAL’ in May, and The 1st Album title song ‘LIKEY’ on October 30th. TWICE has topped online music charts of all types, and in this year alone, the group has exceeded 1 million copies in the album sales, achieving the success in both the digital songs and the physical albums.

The performances and the results were remarkable not only in Korea, but also in overseas as well. TWICE showed off their influences in Japan this year when Billboard Japan ranked TWICE the 3rd for 'Billboard Japan Top Artist', which calculates the sum of the song charts and the comprehensive album chart points among the annual charts. Furthermore, TWICE was ranked the 6th on 'Billboard Japan HOT 100 of the Year 2017' with 'TT'.

Due to such popularity, TWICE will be making its appearance on the most representative year-end special programs in Japan: TV Asahi ‘Music Station Super Live 2017’ on the 22nd and NHK ‘Red and White Contest’ on the 31st. Especially, TWICE raised its own status in Japan by becoming the first Korean singers to attend the ‘Red and White Contest’ in 6 years.

TWICE has made an excellent record on YouTube as well. The group became the first K-Pop female singer(s) with a 200 million music video views with ‘TT’ in May. Subsequently, TWICE even became the first K-Pop female singer(s) with 3 music videos with more than 200 million views: ‘CHEER UP’ and ‘Like OOH-AHH’ each exceeded the views in August and November.

On the 3rd of this month, 'LIKEY' music video exceeded 100 million views in 33 days 23 hours and 43 minutes, making the fastest 100 million views record among K-Pop girl groups. And TWICE is thriving with 6 consecutive 100 million views starting from the debut song 'Like OOH-AHH' music video to the recently released ‘LIKEY’ music video.

Meanwhile, TWICE has ranked the 1st and the 2nd with 'KNOCK KNOCK' and 'SIGNAL' music videos on '2017 Most-Watched Music Videos in Korea', a chart based on YouTube views generated in Korea. TWICE has captured the pinnacle for the 2 consecutive years, winning the 1st and the 3rd places each with 'CHEER UP' and 'TT' music videos last year.

TWICE is now ready to finish off 2017 with the repackage album 'Merry & Happy' and the title song 'Heart Shaker' while making the 7th consecutive hit.

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