• 1. What is Love?
    3. HO!
    4. DEJAVU
    5. SAY YES
    6. STUCK (CD Only)

What is Love?


TWICE Announces the 5th Mini Album and its Title Song 'What is Love?' on the 9th!

- Title Song 'What is Love?', Sweet Imagination of 'TWICE who are Curious about Love'!
- 'J.Y. Park X TWICE' Combination, Followed by 'SIGNAL' in 2017, Foretells the Revival of Glory with 'What is Love?' in 2018!
- Announcing the Forceful Start in 2018, the New Album 'What is Love?' Presents the 6 Tracks Including 'SWEET TALKER' and 'HO!' written by TWICE.

TWICE announces the 5th Mini Album 'What is Love?' and the title song having the same name on the 9th.

TWICE is the group of 9 members, NAYEON, JEONGYEON, MOMO, SANA, JIHYO, MINA, DAHYUN, CHAEYOUNG, and TZUYU, gathered together to show bright and healthy energy, and from the moment of debut in the industry with 'Like OOH-AHH' all the way to ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, 'KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘SIGNAL’, 'LIKEY', and 'Heart Shaker', and they are making dazzling outcome with all of the actively played songs on the hit list. Including the legend of re-climbing the chart, all songs taking top of the chart, number 1 in the music broadcasting programs, grand prizes in the year-end award ceremonies, 7 consecutive YouTube 100 million views for the first time as a girl group, TWICE is having glorious days with unlimited love of the fans. TWICE, boasting firm standpoint as a girl group for everyone, now sings love in sweet imagination through the new album, 'What is Love?'.

The 5th Mini Album 'What is Love?' contains the fluttering heart full of emotion of the 9 members who are curious about love. The title song, 'What is Love?', is a dance song of curiosity and imagination of the girls who learned love through books, movies, or dramas, and it became a topic that the leader of JYP, J.Y. Park ”The Asiansoul” wrote and composed the song. The up-tempo dance beat and the trap-genre rhythm are added to the bright bouncing melody to present musical variations in one song. In the lyrics, there are cute imaginations and curiosities of the girls toward love, such as "Every day, in a movie in a book or in a drama, I feel love. Um- I learn about love", "I wanna know how it could be as sweet as candy", “What is Love? Will love come to me someday".

J.Y. Park who made 'What is Love?' also worked with TWICE before, writing and composing TWICE The 4th Mini Album’s title song 'SIGNAL' in May last year and writing 'Merry & Happy' from The Repackage Album announced in December. Especially, 'SIGNAL' not only took the top ranks in various music charts, but also, ‘Song of the Year’ award, which is considered to be the grand prize in 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA), and 12 crowns in various music TV programs. The 4th Mini album containing 'SIGNAL' recorded the sales of more than 300,000 albums, announcing the splendid start of the first combination of 'J.Y. Park X TWICE'.

The new album 'What is Love?' is composed of total 6 tracks. It includes track #1, which is also the title song, 'What is Love?', track #2 ‘SWEET TALKER’ written by JEONGYEON and CHAEYOUNG, track #3 ‘HO!’ written by JIHYO, track #4 and #5 'DEJAVU' and 'SAY YES', and lastly track #6 ‘STUCK’ the CD Only song. There is a keen interest in whether TWICE will continue the parade of hits by showing the forceful start of 2018 with the new album 'What is Love?’.

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