• 1. Dance The Night Away
    2. CHILLAX
    3. Shot thru the heart
    4. What is Love?
    6. HO!
    7. DEJAVU
    8. Say Yes
    9. STUCK

Summer Nights


TWICE Announces the 2nd Special Album ‘Summer Nights’ and its Title Song ‘Dance The Night Away’ on July 9th!

- Title Song, ‘Dance The Night Away’, the First Summer Song of TWICE!
Presenting Unique Happy Energy
- ‘TWICE X Wheesung’ Combination Targeting 9 Consecutive Hits!
2018 Summer Girls’ Charming Party!
- 2nd Special Album ‘Summer Nights’, Containing a Total of 9 Tracks with 3 New Songs!
Spotlight to ‘Shot thru the heart’, written by MOMO-SANA-MINA

On July 9th, TWICE announces the 2nd Special Album 'Summer Nights' and its title song ‘Dance The Night Away’.

A group that ‘impresses once via the eyes, twice via the ears’, TWICE comes back as ‘Summer Girls’, who will splendidly decorate the summer of 2018.

The first Summer Song of TWICE, ‘Dance The Night Away’ is an up-tempo pop song that expresses the 9 members’ youth, who live every moment with their special happiness It includes TWICE’s distinguishing beautiful and bright energy in sound, performance and many other parts. It shows the clear and cool atmosphere that could blow up the midsummer’s sweltering heat. The birth of the ‘steady seller Summer Song’ that can be recalled every summer vacation season is expected.

Especially, it is another big news as the lyrics of ‘Dance The Night Away’ are written by Wheesung (Realslow). Wheesung has made his fame as the lyricist of many big hit songs, such as ‘Password 486’ of Younha, ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’ of T-ARA, and ‘Heaven’ of Ailee. ‘TWICE X Wheesung’ combination for ‘Dance The Night Away’ is heralding the domination of 2018 summer with Wheesung’s unique and sensual lyrics and TWICE’s fresh and lively energy.

TWICE’s new album ‘Summer Nights’ includes a total of 9 tracks, including the 3 new songs (the title song ‘Dance The Night Away’, ‘CHILLAX’, and ‘Shot thru the heart’) and the tracks from the 5th Mini Album 'What is Love?' released on April 9th.

Among the new songs, ‘Shot thru the heart’ is making the fans’ expectation high as the members MOMO, SANA, and MINA participated as the lyricists. It is the first new song by TWICE that is written by the 3 members. ‘Shot thru the heart’ is a pop dance song that has Retro & Swing melody and lyrics about a perfect girl expressing her true feelings to a boy who is not interested in her.

Another track ‘CHILLAX’ is written by GALACTIKA * from ‘Heart Shaker’ and Min Lee “collapsedone” from ‘KNOCK KNOCK’. The impressive part of this song is the arrangement of the dance-hall beat with fresh feeling, and the theme made mainly by the instrument marimba, provoking the sense of season. Moreover, with the lyrics expressing the hope of pausing the work for a moment and going on a vacation, the song presents an exciting rest time to the listeners.

Consist of the 9 members, NAYEON, JEONGYEON, MOMO, SANA, JIHYO, MINA, DAHYUN, CHAEYOUNG, and TZUYU, TWICE is loved by the fans and the mass. The group leads a march of the hit songs with every release from the debut song 'Like OOH-AHH', to ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, 'KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘SIGNAL’, 'LIKEY', 'Heart Shaker', and ‘What is Love?’.

Followed by the last year’s ‘SIGNAL’, the best recombination of ‘J.Y. Park X TWICE’ released ‘What is Love?’ in April, dominating the online real-time, daily, and weekly song charts and winning 4 crowns on Gaon Chart. TWICE also won 12 crowns on various music broadcasting programs, and set a new record of ‘8 consecutive 100 million views’ on YouTube, as the recent song reached another 100 million views. Returning after 3 months, TWICE is now targeting 9 consecutive hits with the comeback song ‘Dance The Night Away’.

The 9 ‘Summer Girls’, TWICE holds a special party with the new song ‘Dance The Night Away’ and embroider a romantic midsummer night in July, 2018.


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