ONCE 2 ̿ (ǻڸ, Fan's ID) ȳ

[ONCE 2 ̿ (ǻڸ, Fan's ID) ȳ]
- ۿų - ̿ Է/ݿ ǻڸ Fan's ID Էּ.
̿ (ǻڸ, Fan's ID) 6 30 () 8ñ մϴ.
   Ŀ ٽ Ȯֽñ ٶϴ.
[ONCE 2nd Generation Member Info. (Own name, Fan's ID) Notice]
After the registration, go to My ticket / Confirmation No / Enter your detail and please write own name and Fan's ID.
You may change the detail(own name and Fan's ID) by June 30th (Sat) 8PM(KST).
   As the change cannot be made afterwards, please check it again.