TWICE Official Fan Club ONCE 1st Generation Verification Guide (Verification Start Time Notice)

Hello, this is JYPE.

Below is a guide for <TWICE Official Fan Club ONCE 1st Generation> verification procedure.


 [ Verification Period ]

- May 8th, 2017 (Mon) 6PM (KST) ~


[ Verification Method ]

 1. Join TWICE Fans.

 2. Click the [EDIT] button below TWICE Fans image, which is in either the very next screen after joining TWICE Fans or the very first screen after logging-in to Fans.


3. After filling in the Name, Date of Birth (YYMMDD), and Confirmation Number, click the [(Verify)] button.

   - If at least one of the three listed above does not match INTERPARK ONCE 1st Generation Registration information, the verification will not be processed.

   - It is required to check own information on INTERPARK My ticket page before going through the verification procedure. Click the links below and log-in with INTERPARK account to check.

      *ONCE CANDY :

      *ONCE JELLY :

4. Check the verification result message below the [(Verify)] button.

 - OK, Authenticated. You have become a member of [CANDY/JELLY(TWICE)] group. : Verification completed.

 - NOT Authenticated : Verification failed.


[ Complete Verification Check Method and Benefits ]

 - Change in a membership level to ONCE_CANDY, ONCE_JELLY.

 - Access to [ONCE 1st ONLY] zone (bulletin board).

 - Priority entrance to open broadcasting music programs if the participation has been applied via [APPLICATION] bulletin board.

 - Participation in other <TWICE Official Fan Club ONCE 1st Generation> events.


[ Notice ]

 - After joining TWICE Fans, it is required to log-in again in order to properly use the site.

 - Since ID, E-mail, and Name cannot be changed after joining Fans, please be careful when registering for the first time.

- If the verification fails because the name is not matched, it is advisory to withdraw and re-join. Also, it is impossible to re-join with a used ID after withdrawal.

 - If ONCE 1st Generation verification is not completed, one cannot apply for the open broadcasting music programs as ONCE and will be excluded from the Official Fan Club priority entrance. Even though one brings the membership card or the reservation statement to the event site, ones order will not be acknowledged as ONCE application order.

 - For other inquiries, please contact We do not answer to questions that are already informed in the notice.


Thank you.