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TWICE announces “MORE & MORE”, the mini 9th album and name of the title song, on June 1!

- “A representative K-pop girl group” is back! TWICE's unique super-ultra refreshing and charming energy!
- “MORE & MORE”, the title song, words and arrange by J.Y. Park, the head of JYP! The emotion you want more when you fall in love!
- A parade of masterpieces completed by a group of brilliant artists, including NAYEON-JEONGYEON-CHAEYOUNG!

TWICE will release “MORE & MORE”, the mini 9th album, on June 1st.

Twice will share their positive and healthy energy in maximized levels through their new album even only with one look and one listen.
(직역하면 “TWICE will impress audiences by eyes once and by ears once more through the new album that maximizes positive and healthy energy.”)

The comeback happens nine months after “Feel Special”, the previous song, and it is the first new song released in 2020. It will quench the thirst of music fans.

“MORE & MORE”, the title song, sings the emotion of craving the lover when the excitement and sweetness of love matures. The tropical house rhythm of it doubles the trendiness of this song. The refrain of the song has the sound of the instrument, which will help audiences focus on the splendid performance.

I am looking forward to the birth of 'The Classic Summer Song', which will follow, 'Dance The Night Away', the first summer song that was announced in 2018.

J.Y. Park, who is the head of JYP Entertainment and has made “SIGNAL”, “What is Love?”, and “Feel Special”, TWICE's representative songs, wrote the lyrics for and arranged “MORE & MORE”.

This combination is a solid stream of box office hits in the music industry and takes aim for “13 consecutive hits” based on the song they performed.

BIBI joined lyrics writing. BIBI is a singer-songwriter and showed fantastic teamwork with J.Y. Park when he released his hit song, “FEVER”, through rap making and featuring. MNET, the producer of “H.E.R.”, which won the “'Best R & B Album” in the “61st Annual GRAMMY Awards”, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, and Zara Larsson also worked hand-in-globe for this title song.

The music video of “MORE & MORE” creates fascinating and intense feelings using vivid colors and light. The fantastic objects, which may be found in fairy tales, give visual pleasure. The nine members maximize the mysterious and dreamy atmosphere by transforming into forest goddesses. You can’t take your eyes off from the group dance on the geometric-looking underwater stage, which was filmed in Jeju Island.

The new album “MORE & MORE” has seven tracks: the title song of the same name, “OXYGEN”, “FIREWORK”, “MAKE ME GO”, “SHADOW”, “DON'T CALL ME AGAIN”, and “SWEET SUMMER DAY”.

World-renowned artists gathered to make this album, including LDN Noise, a British composer team that composed many hit songs such as “View” of SHINee, “Dumb Dumb” of Red Velvet, “Why” of Taeyeon, Sean Michael Alexander, who worked on “Heart Shaker” of TWICE, and JQ who wrote the lyrics of “Tempo” for EXO.

TWICE, who has been working on songs since the mini 2nd album “PAGE TWO”, has also participated in this new album. NAYEON wrote the lyrics of “MAKE ME GO” alone, while JEONGYEON and CHAEYOUNG wrote lyrics and made rap for “SWEET SUMMER DAY”, respectively.

TWICE, known as a “representative K-pop girl group”, has made unique attempts at every comeback. TWICE will show their charms more and more, just like the title of the new album “MORE & MORE”.


1. MORE & MORE *Title

The emotion of craving the lover as the excitement and sweetness of love matures is expressed as “MORE & MORE”. The tropical house rhythm makes the audience refreshed just by listening to the song. The refrain of the song has instrument sound and these lines are filled with a colorful yet fresh performance. Hit song maker J.Y. Park was in charge of lyrics and arranging and melted TWICE's bright and healthy energy into the song. Distinguished artists such as MNEK, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, and Zara Larsson as well as BIBI who showed fantastic teamwork with J.Y. Park for “FEVER” added more flavor to the song.


This song is full of TWICE’s cheerfulness. It says to a lover more precious than the air that this is the happiest and most complete moment. A bright shuffle rhythm was added to the fresh voices of the members.


It is a Latin genre song and compares the emotions of love to fireworks. It makes you feel like you are watching fireworks in front of you.


NAYEON writes the lyric of this song alone and the song asks a sweetie to come closer without hesitation. The gradually-increasing brass, the catchy chanting chorus, and the witty ad-lib of the TWICE members make good harmony.


The solid determination to confide hidden feelings is expressed using the tropical house and the 80s synthesizer sound.


This song conveys a warning message to an ex-lover who has become history but cannot banish the lingering affection. It enhances softness and dynamics by employing the feeling of R & B, which was popular in the mid-90s.


JEONGYEON was in charge of the lyrics and CHAEYOUNG created the rap. They melted the mindset of enjoying this moment into the lyrics. This song will make you feel fresh and cool in the coming summer.

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